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strawberrieswhorecake said: no felicity?

Nope, Felicity isn’t coming back. :(

These are cute! Are they going to be for the dolls or what?

I have no idea! I hope AG does something more with them. I just took ‘em from the covers of the “My Journey with…” books. 

'Humph!' snorted Grandfather. “All this talk against the king and his governor is stuff and nonsense! 'Tis the ranting of irresponsible scoundrels. The colonies are part of England and shall remain so forevermore.”

Happy Birthday Felicity, Valerie Tripp (via peekintothepast)

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Hi there! My name is Sarah. I run a small organization that helps children with cancer. Our current project is AG related, and I was wondering if you might help share it with your followers! If you can’t, I totally understand. But I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

"Would any American Girl fans…